Thursday, May 31, 2007

Food - the essence of our existance?

This is supposed to be a food blog. There are supposed to be recipes here...really...and pictures of the moltan lava chocolate cake that I made yesterday. This is definitely not a philosophy blabber blog...that would be my other blog. But I really can't help this.....

Basically, I'm your regular girl-next-door food enthusiast. I'm not big on health foods...or any of the other food fads that you might know of...I cook and eat everything that interests me...from around the world and that falls into the ovolactovegetarian category. I like sweets like a lot of people...and I miss my mom's cooking...I recipe books like for recipes online...these days also read other food reruns of food cooking tools....take lessons from professionals to learn new big fancy parties for a homesick crowd of friends...cook special meals for my loved ones....always appreciate a compliment about my cooking. I'm just your average "chef-wannabe-who-won't- (er..) actually-give-up-her-real-profession-to-enter- (um..) food-business".

But I do think a lot about food. And family. And I also think about world peace and everything in between. I always knew there was a connection, and I read some articles in the upcoming issue of the Time magazine, that are good attempts at finding that connection. But I think someone still needs to come out in the open (of course after a ton more research) and make these connections more explicit, alongwith a way to find solutions to our problems. It has to be done. There is going to be a lot more research done in many different departments of (at least US) universities connected to food....public health, biology, chemistry, psychology, history, anthropology, women's studies, economy, business, enviorenmental sciences, politics, cultural studies, art and so on....Some of this work is very important and needs to be highlighted or encouraged(for example a simple study of eating habits of cultures around the world and its correlation with health indicators) while others seem to be hogging a lot of resources, but (at least by my prediction) fruitless (and sometimes commercially selfish) efforts (for example the complicated procedures suggested in the TIME article about science of appetite, which deals with trying to manage the two dozon hormones and peptides that help manage our appetite). Well, at least I'm glad that people have really started talking and thinking about it.

My mom was always jealous of that Lambadi woman construction worker, who earned daily wages and bought all her groceries everyday. Mom could never resist the smell of the food being cooked on the roadside (not necessarily in unhygeinic conditions), which would be consumed by that woman's hungry family right off the stove. I didn't completely understand why mom was so jealous of her. Now I do. She was my mom's culinary (and maybe even personal) role model, but life got too complicated and somewhere mom gave up. I don't want to.

Maybe food is not the only essence of our existance. I know there's so much more...but from our instinctive need for survival to our natural desire to really affects the simple rhythm of our do we achieve that super fine balance? for me, I know that some of our ancestors had figured it all out.....and then most of us lost it along the way...but we live in a different world...and we have to figure it out ourselves again....I am determined to find it....cause our ancestors also tried to give us keys to the doorways between food and ultimate happiness. They didn't hide those keys in mere recipes...or did they?


burekaboy — said...

hi pallika, very thoughtful writing (re: posts so far).

100% -- without food, we'd not be here; we all need it 24/7 for our survival -- how & what we eat however, is a different story. for many in the western world, as i'm sure you see here, it's about abundance and nothing else. very little thought goes into to the appreciation of it, it seems. your POV regarding food, family, etc. in your posts is interesting.

thanks for your comment on my blog the other day, btw. good luck with your blog :) regards, BB

Pallika said...

Gee Thanx..It's so nice to finally talk to people who think the way I do about food. I almost thought I was the only one..