Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Revival Post - Gobi Paratha

So like most other blogs, I almost abandoned this one, and now attempting to revive it. It is really more out of necessity. I'm married now, and cooking has now taken on a whole new meaning in my life. It's not just's also about getting two square meals on the table every single day. It's going good so far, but there are days when I really run out of ideas and recipes. I hope this blog comes to my rescue on those days.

So, I made gobhi paratha the other day, and I was feeling I came up with a few spices to add which made it really yummy. Here's the recipe (sorry, no time to write separate ingredient lists and detailed instructions. I think I'll have to make do with this new format)

Chop Ghobi really fine (almost mince). Heat oil. Add cumin seeds, hing, ginger garlic paste and finely diced onions. Saute till onions become soft. add Coriander-cumin powder, finely diced green chillies, a pinch of garam masala and amchur. Add the Gobhi and saute. In a spice grinder, grind fennel seeds, ajwain and anardana seeds. Add this secret spice mix and salt. Sprinkle some water and let the ghobi cook. Add chopped fresh coriander. Make sure the mixture is as dry as possible. Knead atta with a pinch of salt and a but of oil. Stuff the mixture and make parathas.

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