Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Muthia - Jaipur Mummy's Recipe

To me, these are like Laddoos, and the name Muthia sounded very strange the first time I had them. For a gujju, Muthias can be made of anything..but they're always savory. Sweet Muthias? The first time I tried them was before I started dating L. They are heavy, so you can only bring so many in your luggage. I must have been a special friend cause he shared some of these mom-made goodies with me.

Now, after all these years, I finally ventured to make them myself. And this is because my mom-in-law suggested sending them through someone. I hate asking people to carry stuff in their luggage, so I requested her for the recipe...I was very scared, cause this is one of her specialities...to try to replicate it was a big deal. I'm glad I came pretty darn close. The only thing I could not recreate was the special shape. I have to learn that from her next time. The measurements are completely vague.. but that's how she gave me the recipe..and that's how I made it...but L. loved it so much that he suggested sending some for his mom..(partly to reassure her that I can make them well and partly because the kid in him wanted to tell her "Take a break mummy..enjoy some muthias without all the effort, for a change"). Isn't this something so many of the guys would want to tell their moms? That's what these recipe transfers are all about I guess..I'm so glad I was able to assure my husband of the continuing tradition of winter muthias..

Take about a cup of ghee in a pan. Add a few table spoons of oil (The idea of oil was unthinkable for me, but she said this helps give finished muthias a sheen..the pure ghee ones look slightly dull). Fry some edible gum (I used about a quarter of a cup for about 2 cups of atta). Remove and set aside. Add enough regula atta to the hot ghee (the mixture should be wet..like you would do for sheera, etc). Roast on a low flame till it becomes deep golden (this might take about an hour). Keep a lot of patience and keep mixing. Towards the end, add a handful of khuskhus to it. At the very end, add sliced almonds, pistachios and raisins (she adds black raisins, I had golden on hand, so that's what I added). Immediately transfer to a big plate (use a big thali). Mix it with the slightly crushed Gond. Now add roughly equal amount by volume of sugar (yeah that's how you measure things). Add ilaichi powder (fresh only, please) and grated nutmeg. Mix everything well and make laddoos. Let cool.

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