Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oatmeal many ways

It started with the packet oatmeal.....then I figured, why not buy the big pack of instant oatmeal and make it from scratch...then I discovered rolled oats...and finally steel cut....I thought I would never go back to the instant stuff again, but today, I made the instant one with a twist, and it was fairly good too...I think all three forms have their own's how I make them all..

Instant: Heat 1 tsp ghee (you read that right). Add two handfuls of instant oatmeal, a few pieces of walnuts and toast for about 2-3 minutes, till fragrant. Add a cup of water, and a pinch of salt. let it boil. Add about a cup of milk, some brown sugar (maybe even cinnamon, I didn't use it though), and some regular sugar. let it cook for 3-4 mins, and serve warm.

Rolled: for 1 part rolled oats, use around 4 parts water, add about 1 part brown sugar, a big pinch of salt, a dash of cinnamon, and bring to boil. cook for about 5 mins. Serve warm, with milk on the side.

Steel cut: The previous night, heat a tbsp of butter, add 1 part oats (I use a small steel vati to measure), toast for a few mins, and add 6 parts water. Bring to boil, shut off the gas and cover overnight. Next morning, add some more water, boil for about 10 mins or so, add salt, sugar and serve with cold milk.

As you can see .. many of these steps are interchangeable or optional..toasting vs. not toasting, using ghee vs. butter, soaking in warm water vs. cold, adding nuts or cinnamon. Cooking with milk vs. only water. Adding milk before serving vs. serving with cold milk on the side (I really like to not mix milk with my steel cut, and like it separate). And I'm not even going into toppings, since we tend to stick with the brown sugar, nuts, cinnamon and milk zone, but people do everything from raisins, dried fruits, fresh fruits, fruit preserves, yoghurt..the possibilities are endless..

I've been making resolutions about weaning away from the sugar cereals for breakfast...and hopefully I can incorporate these oatmeal recipes more often in our daily routine.

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