Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Picnic Meal - Peanut Noodles

We went to this awesome concert at Tanglewood yesterday and packed some tomato avocado sandwiches (simply apply Mayo to the bread, slices of tomatoes and avocado and salt/pepper), some strawberries and some cookies. The main meal was peanut noodles - very quick to make and yummy..

It's based on what I remembered from an Ina Garten recipe. The original recipe has sugar snap peas, which tastes great, but I had cooked edamame on hand, so that's what I used.

For the dressing: Peanut butter (I used the natural crunchy one from TJ's), soy sauce, sesame oil, vegetable oil, sriracha, ginger paste, fresh minced garlic. Whisk everything together.

Add boiled noodles (spaghetti or any other - this time I used egg noodles from the asian store), strips of red bell pepper and the cooked edamame. Chill in the refrigerator and pack.

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