Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Broccoli, Sweet potato, mushroom bowl

Inspired from here:

I steamed (instead of roasting) 1 big head of broccoli (sliced stems), 2 small white-flesh sweet potatoes (cut in medium size pieces, from H-mart), and 1 head of Meitake Mushrooms (Yum!). For the dressing: I blended 2 tbsp red miso (that's the one I had on hand, original calls for white) + 1 tbsp Almond butter +  rice wine vinegar + toasted sesame oil + olive oil + honey +  fresh ginger + gresh garlic. Blend. Makes fantastic dressing.

Assemble: lettuce + veggies + dressing + toasted sesame seeds. Next time, I'll do it with rice or something. Seriously good stuff. 

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